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Volume 7 Issue 1 - August 31, 2013

Living Daily with Parental Migration: Experiences of Children Left-Behind by Migrated Parents

Boabang Owusu

Migration has profound impact on the developmental process of every country. However, knowledge and analysis of children’s everyday life experiences and their coping strategies with parental migration when left-behind have received less attention in Ghana. This study explores the experiences of children left-behind by one or both parent(s) through transnational migration, and the care arranged for them. The theory of social studies of children and childhood, which recognises children as active agents who can be studied from their own perspectives, forms the theoretical framework that guides the study. The findings of the study are drawn from qualitative data collected through interviews with children and caregivers. The study concludes that, migrated parents and policymakers will benefit from understanding the impact of migration on both children and caregivers to ensure good policy formulation on the part of policy makers as well as efficient planning and decision making by migrating parent(s).