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Volume 8 Issue 1 - August 6, 2014

Children's Institutionalisation Under Question: Polices, Discourses and Practices in Argentina’s Child Protection System

Julieta Grinberg

In recent years, child protection policies in Argentina have undergone multiple reformulations. In 2005, the Congress passed a law modifying the system of child protection. This law, inspired by the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, establishes that separating children from their families should be a measure of last resort, and that family environment should be preferred over institutional care. However, in the city of Buenos Aires, there exist few policies to strengthen and support families in difficulty, and foster care programmes are non-existent. Without seeking to assess whether or not the new law is applied correctly, this paper analyses the various arguments raised by practitioners of children's protection agencies to prevent child institutionalisation, and examines the impact of these practices on the lives of children and their families.