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Volume 8 Issue 1 - August 6, 2014

Going to Churches of the Evangelio: Children’s Perspectives of Religion in an Indigenous Urban Setting in Buenos Aires

Mariana García Palacios

The aim of this article is to reconstruct children’s perspectives on religion and to analyze them in the context of their participation in social practices (such as family transmission, peer and sibling relationships, and practices within the evangelical neighborhood’s churches and a catholic school). For my research, I use an ethnographic approach along with other methods and fieldwork techniques. These are usually used in the anthropology of childhood, as are certain psychological approaches to children’s perspectives, which have become fundamental strategies for approaching children’s voices and practices. To critically analyze the link between religious and ethnic identifications, I contemplated methodological and epistemological issues. By considering the ways children build their own perspectives on social processes in which they are involved, I will focus on how Toba children construct the meaning of the Evangelio as a religious movement over time (Evangelio literally means “Gospel” in Spanish).